From the recording Lily

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Recorded 2000 in Brampton,Ontario, Canada.
Producer Stuart Gogarty.
Original music by Ernie Dufour


On Georgian Bay

Someway you could tell yourself,
everything is o.k.
You would`nt say, if we sailed away,
on Georgian Bay.
You told me, when I was young ,
living life, to be free,
You told me, when I was down,
everything, was all right for me.
You told me, when I was young,
boy you `ll be strong;.
And when I awoke,from my dream,
I rememeber you were there,
to tell everything was alright.
And then the day, seemed like it was all right.
For living life the way it should be.
You were right all the time,
sailing away on Georgian Bay.